We embrace the requirements of your home, lifestyle and personality.



We specialize in offering a service pinpointed at decorating houses, and apartments, which is rented by companies, organisations, embassies & expats.


We work closely with our clients. This ensures that every temporary home is styled and decorated to meet the clients individual requirements.


We have some of the best suppliers within interior decorating, to make sure that your home will be functional and beautiful. We have the right price, without compromising on quality.


We have styled hundreds of apartments and houses and worked with clients from all over the world. This has given us an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the importance of our clients individuality.


When leasing your furniture you save time, money and trouble.
We will deliver, assembly and install it all. The same goes the day you leave. We will take care of it all.
Let us handle all the hassle so you can focus on settling in.


The most important terms that you need to consider:

  • - Minimum leasing period: 1 year (short term lease is also possible, please forward a specific request)
  • - 3 month notice period
  • - 3 month deposit
  • - Delivery time: Normally within 72 hours


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Our Services

We provide numerous services.
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Furniture Lease

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Handyman Service

All Craftsmen

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Furniture packages

Furniture Package For 2-3 Rooms*

* We preserve the right to adjust the furniture package according to the rental in question.


  • Well-equipped kitchen, enough for 6 pers. Our package consists of more than 80 pcs. incl. coffee machine & kettle


  • 2 Bathing Towels (Always new)
  • 2 Guest Towels (Always new)
  • 2 Wash Gloves (Always new)
  • Toilet Brush
  • Shower Curtain (Unless it has nonstandard measurements)

Living Room/Dining Room

  • Sofa (Seating for 3 pers. If apartment is 4 rooms and above: seating for 5 pers.)
  • Sofa Table
  • 2 Cushions
  • Dining Table & Chairs
  • 40" Flat Screen TV (Stand)
  • Bookcase
  • 2 Lamps (Minimum)
  • 2 Pictures (Minimum)


  • Double Bed
  • Top Mattress
  • 2 Duvets (Always new)
  • 2 Pillows (Always new)
  • 2 Sets of Linen (Always new)
  • Bed Side Table
  • 2 Lamps (Minimum)
  • 1 Picture (Minimum)
  • Wardrobe 3 Door 190x117cm (Unless it's already present)


  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Bucket & Mop
  • Iron Board & Iron
  • Electrical Cords & Light Bulbs

Price DK. KR. 2,800.00 + VAT (3,500.00 Incl. VAT)
Each Additional room 400.00 Dkk + VAT (500.00 Incl. VAT)
(See above tab for additional rooms)

Economy Package *

* We preserve the right to adjust the furniture package according to the rental in question.

  • Small kitchen package (4 pers.)
  • Floor lamp
  • Table lamp
  • 32" TV
  • Small sofa
  • Double bed & top mattress
  • Small dining table
  • TV stand
  • Sofa table
  • Bedside table
  • 4 chairs

Price DK. KR. 1,600.00 + VAT (2,000.00 Incl. VAT)

Additional Rooms

* We preserve the right to adjust the furniture package according to the rental in question.

Children's Room:

  • Child Bed
  • Mattress
  • Duvet (Always new)
  • Pillow (Always new)
  • Linen (Always new)
  • 2 Cushions
  • Lamp
  • Rug
  • Picture
  • Drawer

Guest Room:

  • Bed/Sofa Bed
  • Top Mattress
  • Duvet (Always new)
  • Pillow (Always new)
  • Linen (Always new)
  • Lamp
  • Bedside Table
  • Drawer (Unless it's already present)


  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Desk Lamp
  • Book Case
  • Picture

Each Additional room 400.00 Dkk + VAT

  • • Each installation is individual and can be “tailor-made” to fit the client’s requirements and budget
  • • All apartment/houses will of course receive a finishing touch from our stylist, which means that decorative items, flowers ect. will be included
  • • Curtains/blinds are not part of the packages, but can be included on a seperate offer
  • • We only install floor- and table lamps. If ceiling lamps are required, then these can be included on a seperate offer
  • • Flat screen TV are not hung on the wall, but placed on a TV stand. Only electrical cable is included


A showcase of some of our decorative styles

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